【引用本文】 吴石头, 许春雪, Klaus Simon, 等. 193nm ArF准分子激光系统对LA-ICP-MS分析中不同基体的剥蚀行为和剥蚀速率探究[J]. 岩矿测试, 2017, 36(5): 451-459. doi: 10.15898/j.cnki.11-2131/td.201703290044
WU?Shi-tou, XU?Chun-xue, Klaus?Simon, et al. Study on Ablation Behaviors and Ablation Rates of a 193nm ArF Excimer Laser System for Selected Substrates in LA-ICP-MS Analysis[J]. Rock and Mineral Analysis, 2017, 36(5): 451-459. doi: 10.15898/j.cnki.11-2131/td.201703290044

193nm ArF准分子激光系统对LA-ICP-MS分析中不同基体的剥蚀行为和剥蚀速率探究


Geowissenschaftliches Zentrum, G?ttingen Universit?t, G?ttingen 37077, Germany


国家地质实验测试中心, 北京 100037


中国科学技术大学地球和空间科学学院, 合肥 安徽 230026

收稿日期: 2017-03-29? 修回日期: 2017-07-09? 接受日期: 2017-07-15

基金项目: 中国地质科学院基本科研业务费项目(YYWF201622);国家公派留学基金(201306410007)

作者简介: 吴石头, 在读博士研究生, 研究方向为地球化学。E-mail:wushitou111@hotmail.com

通信作者: 许春雪, 博士, 副研究员, 研究方向为标准物质研制。E-mail:xuchunxue1980@163.com

Study on Ablation Behaviors and Ablation Rates of a 193nm ArF Excimer Laser System for Selected Substrates in LA-ICP-MS Analysis


Geowissenschaftliches Zentrum, G?ttingen Universit?t, G?ttingen 37077, Germany


National Research Center for Geoanalysis, Beijing 100037, China


School of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei 230026, China

Corresponding author: XU?Chun-xue, xuchunxue1980@163.com

Received Date: 2017-03-29
Revised Date: 2017-07-09
Accepted Date: 2017-07-15

开元棋牌的娱乐平台_开元棋牌网站送彩金_开元棋牌下载送金币:探究LA-ICP-MS分析中不同基体的剥蚀行为和剥蚀速率,可为激光参数设定、基体匹配选择、数据质量保证等方面提供重要参考。本文研究了193 nm ArF准分子激光系统对人工合成/地质样品玻璃、常见矿物和粉末压片的剥蚀行为,同时探究了激光参数(束斑直径、能量密度和剥蚀频率)对剥蚀速率的影响情况。从剥蚀坑形貌可知,193nm ArF激光对玻璃和绝大多数矿物的剥蚀行为良好,但对石英相对较差,这可能与石英内含有微观包裹体,剥蚀过程中局部受热不均有关。粉末压片的剥蚀行为呈现出不可控,可通过提高粉末压片的压制压力或降低粉末颗粒的粒径来改善剥蚀行为;当剥蚀深度大于1.5倍束斑直径时,剥蚀速率随剥蚀深度的增加而逐渐减小,剥蚀深度最多可达束斑直径的两倍左右(RESOlution M-50型号激光系统,3.0 J/cm2激光能量密度);剥蚀速率随激光能量密度的增加而增大,但基本不受剥蚀频率(2~20 Hz)影响。不同基体具有特征的剥蚀速率,本文报道了43种基体的剥蚀速率参数,总体而言,NIST系列玻璃的剥蚀速率大于地质样品玻璃,碳酸盐矿物和硫化物矿物大于硅酸岩矿物,粉末压片大于玻璃和常见矿物。

关键词: LA-ICP-MS, 193nm ArF激光, 剥蚀行为, 剥蚀速率, 能量密度

Study on Ablation Behaviors and Ablation Rates of a 193nm ArF Excimer Laser System for Selected Substrates in LA-ICP-MS Analysis

KEY WORDS: LA-ICP-MS, 193nm ArF excimer laser, ablation behavior, ablation rate, energy density


· Ablation behaviors of 193nm ArF excimer laser for silicate glasses, common minerals, and powder pellets were systematically investigated.

· Except for quartz, glasses and most of minerals have the controllable ablation behaviors.

· Powder pellets have worse ablation behaviors, while their ablation behaviors could be improved either by increasing the tableting pressure or by decreasing the particle grain size.

· Ablation rate data of 43 different sample substrates were presented in this paper. In general, the ablation rates of powder pellets are larger than those of glasses and minerals, the ablation rates of carbonates and sulfides are larger than those of silicate minerals.



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193nm ArF准分子激光系统对LA-ICP-MS分析中不同基体的剥蚀行为和剥蚀速率探究

吴石头, 许春雪, Klaus Simon, 肖益林, 王亚平